We aim to protect the health and well-being of people and communities from the impact of noise pollution. Our smart cities technology helps to improve urban soundscapes.

Decoding the soundscape of cities

Securaxis is a Swiss smart acoustics company that digitises urban soundscapes and delivers actionable data insights to reduce noise trauma.


We provide cost-effective, high-performing, acoustic data processing solutions that help to mitigate environmental noise pollution.

Securaxis - Actionable Insights - Urban soundscapes


Promoting positive urban soundscapes has impacts on the health and safety of both the people and the environment.

Securaxis - Actionable Insights - Traffic flow management

Traffic flow management

Data and insights on traffic and sources of psychoacoustic annoyance optimize the management of roads in cities.

Securaxis - Actionable Insights - Noisy vehicles detection

Noisy vehicles detection

Raising awareness in drivers and better traffic regulation are key to the prevention and control of traffic noise pollution.

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The impact of Noise Trauma


Of the European population is chronically exposed to levels of noise pollution that could be harmful to health.

Source: European Environment Agency (EEA), 2021


People suffer from sleep disturbance due to noise pollution in Europe.

Source: European Environment Agency (EEA), 2021


The estimated socio-economic cost of the damage caused by road and rail traffic noise in the European Union, represents 0.4% of the GDP.

Source: Noise in EU


Healthy life- years are annually lost due to traffic-related noise in Western Europe.

Source: World Health Organization (WHO), 2019, Environmental noise guidelines for the European Region


Our technology aims to mitigate noise pollution and to protect health and well-being in urban environments.


We keep abreast of technological innovations in acoustics and make strides in research and development applied to our technology and software suite.

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Basel’s Smart Street


Geneva Road Traffic Monitoring


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