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Sound is information

Monitor and exploit the sounds of cities to improve operations and services whilst saving money and respecting people's concerns about privacy and sustainability.

We combine acoustic signal processing with deep learning and data science to turn sounds into information and actionable insights.
Our software technology has been deployed across Europe for applications such as traffic monitoring, intelligent lighting and noise measurement in real time.

Sound is valuable information for smart cities.

SONAL™ is a sounds analytics software adding the missing layer to smart solutions thanks to acoustic, AI and IoT: the hearing.

SONAL™ technology is compatible with the need to respect citizens’ privacy; no identifying data is recorded and the system is GDPR compliant by design.

SONAL™ is a low energy consumption 24/7  monitoring solution; sound processing is light to process and only metadata are transferred.

SONAL™ has a light, non expensive, RTExD casing and can be readily integrated into third party systems; both features make for easy scale-up.

Sound is information, so is reading …