Real Time Personal Security Solution

Travel the world safely

Understanding the threats around you,
Communicating and mitigating the risks,
Acting in case of need,
Securaxis keeps people safe with a security ecosystem adapted to your needs.

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Today, security is a concern for everyone, not only business travelers.

That’s why Securaxis has designed a scalable ecosystem that helps to manage each and everyone’s safety.

Whether you are a security manager doing your best to keep your staff safe or an insurance company looking to increase clients’ safety and security, Securaxis has the right solution for you.

Securaxis Protect
Insurance & Assistance


Securaxis provides Insurance and Assistance companies with an adapted security solution to protect their clients.  This integrated ready-made mobile solution can be tailored to your needs and helps to build a better relationship with your clients and increase engagement

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Securaxis Duty of Care
Companies & Organizations


Securaxis helps Companies and Organizations fulfill their “duty of care” obligations, with an innovative networked approach to security management and a personalized way of performing security analysis. Securaxis includes all the necessary features to protect staff from danger and keep them safe.

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From one person to thousands and more, across many locations and countries, we have you covered. 


the web portal and mobile apps are designed with UX best practices in mind.

Networked team approach

Our interface facilitates users to be actively engaged in contributing to both the safety of the entire team and each of its members.


Developed for integration

API and SDKs allow you to integrate a ready-made mobile solution into your own mobile app within your own brand.

Stored in Switzerland

 Your data is stored in high-security data centers located in Switzerland and is available to any number of devices anytime anywhere.

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