Smart safety as a service

We help tens of thousands of customers all around the world to enhance

their safety making real-time data-informed decisions.

Securaxis is a Geneva start up developing

human safety solutions by leveraging new

technologies and IoT.

We meet with the

renowed Swiss

standards in term

of quality and


Last posts

The team gets bigger

Securaxis is happy to welcome Vincent MESERETTE, real time audio and signal processing software developer. Due to the cover19 outbreak , all of the upcoming events we planned to attend/speak have been canceled. But…

Securaxis et Futur Antérieur, sur la RTS

Le CEO de Securaxis expliquait le 18 septembre sur les ondes de la RTS l’énorme potentiel du couplage de l’acoustique et de l’Intelligence Artificielle. Que ce soit pour la surveillance…

Securaxis RTExD

Securaxis RTExD is a smart acoustic sensor combining acoustic and machine learning for real tim localization, analysis and reporting of specific sounds in any kind of environment. We turn noise…

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