Real Time Personal Security Network

Securaxis provides people travelling and working in hostile or volatile environments with  geo-localised and mapped security information in real time. A unique bottom up, networked, and top down approach to share security information,  with all the necessary features for the security management of people in at-risk contexts.

“Boots on the ground” approach

An operational security management set of tools developed by practitioners who together built on more than 40 years of cumulated experience of operating in hostile environments.

Securaxis General Overview

Safety Information Management System

Securaxis Safety Information Management System is designed, developed and hosted in Switzerland. This network-based system manages and processes information necessary for decision-making related to your staff’s safety and security.

Networked team approach

Our user-friendly interface enables a whole-team approach to safety and security management. It facilitates all users to be actively engaged in contributing to the safety of the entire team and each of its members. Roles and responsabilities within the network can be clearly established. Securaxis combined a unique bottom up, networked, and top down approach to sharing security information. 

Map based

We have integrated engaging map based web and mobile services with smooth zooming, rotation and location search. Data is entered intuitively and efficiently and is rendered in a visually effective and attractive form.   

Securaxis offers Business Solutions for

Business Travelers

Employees who travel for business, domestically or internationally, should be prepared for more than just business. With Securaxis, business travelers stay alert and vigilant to their surroundings at all times when traveling and in destinations away from home base.

Humanitarian & NGO

Aid workers are working in some of the most insecure places on the planet. We have designed the Real Time Personal Security Network with  their most demanding needs in mind. 

Government Agencies

Securaxis solutions suit the needs of governmental agencies and diplomatic corps as their representations can be located where security risks are elevated.  

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Securaxis platform

We operate a web portal connected to a mobile phone application that can be used by all staff in at-risk and volatile zones. It seamlessly integrates a bottom-up, networked and top-down approach to exchange security information. security management approach.

The platform has all the necessary features for a simple but effective security management of your staff.



The platform allows users to get a near-instant headcount, localization, situation and status of all staff in an emergency.

Group Management

Any number or selection of users can be effectively organized into groups for a targeted and localized information sharing and management of their needs.

Networked alerts

The platform and linked mobile app allows sending of alerts via text message and notifications.


Specific areas of concern can be predefined and entering or exiting the area will automatically generate alerts and notifications.

On Demand Tracking

One simple touch on the Securaxis app allows the user to be monitored in real time. The user decides to be tracked or not. The data from his/her journeys are archived.

Offline Maps

Maps can be downloaded before hitting the road, and so limits the volume of data transmitted.

POI (points of interest)

Maps can be tailored to show static, dynamic, real-time, security information.

Securaxis Mobile App

A mobile app  for your staff  in at-risk and volatile areas connected to the security manager allowing share security information.

The Securaxis allows you to indicate POIs, to receive alerts and notifications, to be warned when entering or leaving a predefined zone, to activate the tracking & panic button. A lifeline for your trips.

“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence―It is to act with yesterday’s logic”

Peter Drucker

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