The noise radar powered by SecuraXis technology combining AI and acoustic and distributed in Switzerland by SWISSTRAFFIC AG to monitor road traffic noise and analyze road traffic is on the market.

A successful partnership between the 2 companies for the first noise radar of its kind.

Developed in Geneva, Securaxis’ acoustic detection technology using Artificial Intelligence technologies enables the recovery of road traffic data and the retrieval of data in real time. The noise radar component coupled with psycho-acoustics is developed in collaboration with the EPFL and the HES-SO.

This solution based on SONAL™ software is intended for urban and rural municipalities and communities concerned with preventing noise pollution from road traffic by better understanding its impact on local residents.

The Securaxis and Swisstraffic “Educational” Noise Radar, consisting of an intelligent stand-alone acoustic sensor and a display panel, fits perfectly into the implementation of noise abatement policies. The lower house of the Swiss parliament has just passed a motion dedicated to the fight against road traffic noise. Among the measures adopted is the noise radar. “This is a first step! The installation of noise radars and sanctions will be the only way to really fight against this nuisance,” said on Twitter Delphine Klopfenstein Groggini, member of the Swiss parliament.