We add the missing layer to smart cities: the hearing.

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Securaxis SONAL™ is an embedded software platform that can analyze specific sounds in any environment, classify them and report them accurately; it is coupled to a strong JSON API or a user-friendly visualization dashboard adapted to professional use so providing full access to all the information generated.

Securaxis SONAL™ is fast and accurate. It recognizes sounds in real time allowing for immediate action or for in-depth analysis.

Securaxis SONAL™ is carried on an embedded platform that is very compact, light and hardware agnostic; it is thus easy to integrate into third party system.

Securaxis SONAL™ is a cost-effective solution for 24/7 monitoring. Acoustic signal processing is light and executed at sensor level; only metadata are sent and cloud infrastructure needs are minimum.

Securaxis SONAL™ respects people’s privacy. The acoustic signal is processed at sensor level. No recording is required. The sound never leaves the street.


Securaxis RTExD™ is the hardware that hosts SONAL™ for who doesn’t integrate SONAL™ in their own hardware solution. Securaxis RTExD™ is IP64 certified, equipped with 1 to 4 microphones depending on the specific needs.

RTExD™ can be powered in different ways and offers a variety of options regarding connectivity.

Co-development of a specific acoustic sensor is an option.


 Traffic monitoring | Noise measurement | Intelligent street lighting

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