Our suite of solutions combines software and hardware products developed by our engineers to answer unique acoustics-data processing requirement specifications.

Our SONAL™ software programmes are designed to run on Securaxis acoustic sensor hardware called RTExD™

However, SONAL™ software is hardware agnostic, which means that it is ready to run on other devices. If an acoustic sensor is already set-up, there is no requirement to change and install RTExDTM. This level of compatibility makes our solutions easy to deploy as they can adapt to prior environmental noise installations.

Beyond technology specifications, our solutions are easy to set-up and use, energy-efficient, and GDPR compliant by design: SONAL™ solutions only transfer metadata and do not use any kind of ID recognition technology.


Road Traffic Analytics

Reaching levels of 80dB and over – levels considered to be potentially harmful to health if exposed to over regular periods of time – road traffic is the major source of urban noise pollution.

SONAL™ software monitors traffic and delivers a range of actionable data: traffic flow volume, count of passing vehicles, classification by vehicle type, noise levels, speed of vehicles and identification of noisiest vehicles.

Data and insights captured in real-time are shared via an Application Programming Interface (API) and delivered in user-friendly web dashboards.

Securaxis - Actionable Insights - SONAL™ Road Traffic Analytics
Securaxis - Actionable Insights - SONAL™ Environmental Sound


Environmental Sound

Environmental sound is not all negative or potentially harmful. We continually develop our SONALTM software so as to advance our understanding of sound, its impacts on health and well-being and on the environment.

We have two innovative applications under development :

Traffic Noise Radars

Our software allows for real-time sound imaging and high-definition detection of noisy vehicles. The capacity to isolate noisy vehicles is a critical first step in changing drivers’ behaviour.
Our Traffic Noise Radars allow to inform drivers of their noise levels, raising their awareness of noise pollution they might be responsible for. In addition to educational purposes, Traffic Noise Radars provide public authorities with information that they can use for traffic law enforcement.

Serving both educational and law enforcement purposes, our sound-activated hardware comes in two types of equipment to be found on the streets and roads:

Data and insights captured in real-time are shared via API and delivered in user-friendly web dashboards.

Securaxis - Actionable Insights - Traffic noise radar
Securaxis - Actionable Insights - RTExD™ Sensor

RTExD™ Sensor

RTExD™ is our sound detector hardware designed to operate under both SONAL™ Road Traffic Analytics and SONAL™ Environmental Sound software. SONAL™ being hardware agnostic, we deploy RTExD™ in cases where the software cannot operate under existing hardware. In addition, RTExDTM sensors have long life cycles and are developed to support upgrades of our SONAL™ software.

Highly adaptable, RTExD™ can be powered in different ways and offers a variety of options regarding connectivity.

Data reports

We deliver monthly, quarterly and yearly urban acoustic reports. Data and insights captured in real-time are shared via API and delivered in user-friendly web dashboards. We also provide ad-hoc reports which might answer a range of additional specific requirements. In those instances, our analysts process and merge our collected data with other available information that could include air quality, demographics, etc.

These tailored reports offer more detailed insights on urban soundscapes against other factors.

Securaxis - Actionable Insights - Data reports

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