turns sounds into actionable insights for smart cities

with Sounds analytics

The progress of humankind has brought an increasing proportion of an increasing population to live in urban environments, with its attendant risk to public safety and to the environment.

Cities around the world are leveraging smart technologies to operate and manage better their municipal services. City authorities are looking to maximize data gathering to improve and expand their operations while preserving both the quality of life of citizens and the environment.


Cities are getting louder. Sounds provide information has not yet been exploited. There is a need for real-time sounds analytics to generate actionable insights.


Real-time analysis, reporting, and localization of sounds with smart acoustic sensing make Securaxis’ solutions ideal for smart cities, adding its missing layer: the hearing, allowing to save time, money and resources while improving operations.

In parallel, measuring the impact of urbanism on ecosystems is essential but time consuming and expensive. All associated sounds can be detected, identified and monitored. Therefore smart acoustic monitoring provides an innovative, low-cost but efficient answer to monitor wildlife.

Securaxis’ sounds analytics adds the missing component to existing smart solutions

the hearing.

Our Securaxis software can analyze sounds in an urban or noisy environment and then classify, locate, and report them accurately. It turns sounds into actionable insights for smart cities.

Securaxis’ solution  information model is based on a data monitoring and acquisition (SCADA) system developed at CERN, designed to archive information and provide data visualization, alarms, and other functions.




Securaxis’ solution allows for te detection, counting and categorization of vehicles, as well as determining their direction and the speed and the flow of traffic. It also helps to combat traffic-related noise pollution. Its applications range from Traffic based lighting to traffic management.

It is a cost effective solution for 24/7 monitoring with low data transfer, respectful of citizens’ privacy and GDPR compliant, and with self-learning capabilities.


It has been demonstrated that sound is an efficient indicator for monitoring ecosystem biodiversity.

Wildlife acoustic monitoring with Securaxis’ solution can provide information such as species, habits, quality of life and habitat condition. It also helps determine its interaction with human habitat and human built infrastructures.

This would fulfill an important part of the environmental impact studies that are required before and after any major construction project.



Capable of detecting and analyzing all types of sounds associated with violence or insecurity such as gunshots, explosions, screaming, breaking glass, roaring crowd, Securaxis’ solution is ideal for improving safety, security and emergency response by monitoring such specific sounds.

It is designed to be integrated into the environment where video camera installations are not needed, or to be combined with cameras.


The Securaxis solution can easily be applied as a stand-alone system or integrated into any new or existing system, hybridization being the next step for IoT sensors.

According to “Sensors for IoT” (BCC Research, Sep. 18), “A new technology shaped by new requirements for IoT applications will create new product categories or give new life to existing products through adaptations…These new requirements include user privacy protection…Techniques such as hybridization will come into play to drive advances.”


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