Securaxis Protect

Insurance & Assistance
an innovative safety solution for your clients

Unprecedented security situations can occur anywhere any time. Today insurance and assistance companies understand the need to accompany their clients with an integrated safety solution. Securaxis helps you to build a better relationship with your clients and increase engagement.

We provide you with an adapted solution using a robust API and thorough set of SDKs allowing for the integration of a ready-made solution into your own mobile app within your own brand.


Cross-border notifications

The client is asked when changing countries if she/he wishes to activate her/his insurer’s travel security system

Geolocated alerts to clients

The client is notified when a security incident occurs in his/her surroundings

Geolocated headcount of clients

Ability to verify the presence of clients in an area impacted by a security event

Geolocation of practical information

Places considered important such as embassies, hospitals, police stations, … can be geolocated on the map

Activation of the Crisis mode at a touch of a finger

The client can alert the emergency center of her/his insurer-assistance provider at the touch of a button on the smartphone screen

Recurring position retrieval

The geolocation of a client can be retrieved regularly according to a defined interval of time

We provide our services to various assistance and insurance companies.

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