Noises that are too loud and persist for too long become pollution.

From high to low pitch, loud to subtle, sound is everywhere. As a matter of fact, absolute silence does not exist on our planet and whatever the tone, when undesired, sound becomes noise.


The World Health Organization ranks environmental noise pollution as one of the top health risks across all age and social groups because it is :

The source of urban noise pollution is often the result of operational inefficiencies due to a lack of digitisation and appropriate infrastructure.


Our driving purpose at Securaxis is to enable Municipal Authorities and Governments to solve these complex issues with affordable, practical and sustainable solutions.


With 68% of the world population expected to live in urban areas by 2050, the issue is cause for concern.

From high to low pitch, loud to subtle, sound is everywhere. As a matter of fact, absolute silence does not exist on our planet and whatever the tone, when undesired, sound becomes noise.

Securaxis - Actionable Insights - Building sustainability

Securaxis is committed to fight the impact of urban noise pollution and to support the health and well-being of communities. Our best-in-class acoustic data processing solutions present opportunities for innovation in urban design, policy making and infrastructure.

They also facilitate noise regulation enforcement in urban environments. Securaxis contributes to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 3, 9, 11 and 15.


Securaxis contributes to the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases by reducing exposure to traffic noise, which is an identified risk factor in the development of cardiovascular and metabolic disorders such as high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and diabetes.


Securaxis is a key partner of cities and local authorities. All of the meta-data information is GDPR compliant and fully respects the privacy of citizens.


Securaxis helps keep people safe on the streets and roads. Our smart data insights allow for better traffic safety by helping to identify danger zones and risk behaviour by individuals.


Securaxis supports municipal authorities with reducing night-time noise levels that are responsible for sleep fragmentation and reduced productivity.


Securaxis works to promote comfortable urban soundscapes, where environmental sound offers many opportunities for people to thrive.


Securaxis’ smart acoustics solutions support both the conservation of biodiversity and the preservation of natural heritage. Soundscapes have a direct impact on numerous animal species; songbirds are especially sensitive with direct impacts on reproductive behaviours, health, population density and diversity.


Securaxis enables urban planners to make informed decisions and recommendations for noise abatement and the creation of pockets of quiet using noise-absorbing materials, green spaces and adapted traffic speed limits.


Securaxis provides data and technology that inform authorities in policy-making and anticipating the
result of noise reduction initiatives.


Sound can be beautiful informative or invasive.

It is our goal to help make cities smarter and better places to live in by understanding and managing the source of noise pollution. Securaxis partners with urban city planners and public institutions: the City of Geneva, Ville de Paris and Canton de Fribourg have implemented our advanced technology and use our data insights.

Research and innovation stand at the core of our action. Our impact will continue to grow as we further develop our knowledge of acoustics, noise emissions, direct and indirect health effects.

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