All The Security Management Features You Need


For your team

We provide all the features you need to efficiently manage your team’s security whether you look for short term or on the long run support. Our clients use our solution in replacement of not adapted tools such as text messages, social networks status and emails.


Duty of Care

Because you need to care for your employees, especially when they travel abroad, Securaxis gives you the ability of being instantly informed in case something might go wrong and act accordingly.


Complement your Assistance Services

Securaxis increases your operational resilience by helping you to take the right decision at the right time to avoid or limit risks or damages. It complements your medical & assistance services.

Your Security Toolbox

The Real Time Personal Security Network offers a set of handy tools always available to ensure inform-based decision making.

With top-notch User Experience

The web portal and the mobile apps have been designed with keeping UX best practices in mind. Every process is clear and simple, easy to use even under stress.

and thought for use in degraded connectivity environments.

It happens that poor or degraded connectivity hinders or slows the communication flows. Therefore, we have planned for this and developed our digital tools accordingly. Mobile apps offer offline maps and low battery consumption.

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