Frequently Asked Questions

Some Organisations have their own security services including security officers or responsible, other outsource this to external assistance companies. Securaxis complement your existing external assistance services by providing you the ability to interact with your staff on the go and getting instant status.

You can install the mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store depending of the type of smartphone you have. Access to the web platform is granted to users belonging to an Organisation. An Organisation is usually a company, an entity or a business unit having contracted a membership subscription for its employees.

For No Network Connection issue, Verify you have good cellular/network coverage on your mobile device. You will need an active cellular or wifi network connection to connect to Securaxis servers. A weak signal or slow data speeds (2G speeds) can often cause inaccurate GPS fixes and geofence detection.

For all aspects of Securaxis mobile apps to operate, it was built assuming a data network connection would be present most all the time. If you have an intermittent connection, the Securaxis app will try to get data from the servers for alerts and data display, but may not be able to give you reliable information. Additionally, if Securaxis doesn’t have a connection back to the servers, you will be notified accordingly. The Securaxis app does cache data for sending later. Finally, offline maps are available (Android version only for the moment).

Moreover, if data connectivity is not available but GSM (2G) is, push notifications are not available and a text message is sent instead.

Securaxis servers are hosted in Switzerland. The information stored on a user are pseudo, email address and mobile phone number (if provided). The only way to know the exact location of a user is when s/he triggers the Track Me features are agrees to send her/his location when a Headcount is requested by a Manager. The information is stored indefinitely but this can be discussed upon your requirements.

Securaxis is a digital ecosystem composed of mobile apps and a web portal allowing for an Organisations staff security management while traveling or working in hostile or volatile environment. A Securaxis Organization is organized in communities with users having different roles (Adminsitrator, Manager, User). Users are organized in groups for granular management of security services.

The Securaxis ecosystem works in communities. This means that someone from an external community cannot see information (POIs, alerts, geofenced zones) from another community except required (trust relationship). However, external data such as global security alerts or external POIs (healthcare facilities, police stations) are viewable by all Securaxis users.