Securaxis Duty of Care

Companies and organizations

Ensuring maximum safety to staff on travel

and at work

You want to ensure maximum security and to mitigate risks using efficient supervision and monitoring options when planning and during your staff’s travel 

You want security information shared fast and efficiently amongst your staff,

Securaxis provides you with :

  • Updated, personalized security analyses of each of your destinations
  • Expert advice in relation to prevention and risk mitigation measures that can be put in place when organizing your staff’s travel plans
  • A scalable and adaptable security ecosystem (app & platform) tailored to your needs and your staff’s profile with the following features

Answering your Duty of Care
requires more than Travel tracking

Our interface helps businesses and organizations to be actively engaged in contributing to the safety of their entire team and each of its members.
A scalable solution adapted to your needs: cost effective, flexible and personal.



The platform allows users to get a near-instant headcount, localization and status of staff or clients in an emergency situation. Headcount can be set off according to predetermined groups or geolocation.

Group management

Any number or selection of users can be effectively organized into groups for  targeted and localized information sharing and management of their needs.

Networked alerts

Possibility to send alerts by notifications and SMS via the platform and linked mobile app.


Specific areas of concern can be predefined and entering or exiting the area will automatically generate alerts and notifications.

On demand tracking

One simple touch on the Securaxis app allows the user to be monitored in real time. The data from his/her journeys are archived.

Offline map

Maps can be downloaded before travel, and thus limits the volume of data transmitted.

POI (Points of interest)

Maps can be tailored to show static, dynamic and real-time security information.

Recurring position retrieval

The geolocation of a user can be retrieved regularly according to a defined interval of time.

Crossborder notifications

The crossing over from one country to another is automatically detected and reported to security management.

Duty of Care

All information, communication and actions are documented and easy to retrieve for your HR or your lawyer, in case of Duty of Care assessment

We provide our services to a number of industries.

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