Basel’s Smart Street

”If the technology proves its worth in terms of data accuracy and reliability, it could be trialled over a bigger area of the city in a next project phase.”

Sasha Faessler, Canton of Basel-City.

Since February 2022 and for an entire year, the City of Basel, Switzerland is conducting a pilot smart city project to test technologies that collect data in public spaces. Along a stretch of the Gundeldingerstrasse in Basel, data on air quality, free parking spaces and noise levels are being collected.

Securaxis’ SonalTM is one the technologies deployed as part of the “Smarte Strasse”, or “smart street”, project and continuously measures noise emissions of traffic flow.

SonalTM is a compact and cost-effective solution that simplifies and automates data collection. Using a new generation of sensors, the technology allows for a simultaneous collection of more data, including parameters that impact noise emissions such as traffic frequency and vehicle speed.

Securaxis’ solution comes with an open-access web platform that offers real-time data visualization and dashboard of key indicators. The API interface is a valuable tool for deeper analysis of insights and the devising of environmental noise control strategies. Noise data are made available to the public on Basel’s official website :

Data collected is expected to deliver an accurate understanding of the sources of noise pollution related to traffic flow. Assessed against other researched factors of the “Smarte Strasse” project, the information provided by Securaxis will inform decisions in terms of public space management and traffic regulation.

Also, the data will feed noise propagation models and consequently improve estimates of noise levels in designated areas of the city.

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