Sources of noise pollution generally link to traffic flows, industrial and construction sites as well as to leisure activities.

Our SONAL™ solutions apply to three areas that are critical to the prevention and control of environmental noise pollution in urban settings.

Urban Soundscapes

The promotion of positive urban soundscapes can take place at source or through remediation measures. In both instances, a thorough understanding of the soundscape is conditional to decision-making and the implementation of appropriate measures. SONAL™ is one of our cost-effective, high performing acoustic data processing solutions that contributes to the mitigation of environmental noise.

Municipal governments, urban planners, real estate developers and businesses can be involved in the prevention of noise pollution, and required to map and understand soundscapes in designated areas. The spectrum of applications is large but, in all cases, resulting actions will protect both the people and the environment.

Securaxis - Actionable Insights - Urban soundscapes
Securaxis - Actionable Insights - Traffic flow management

Traffic flow management

Heavy city road traffic noise can reach 80dB and above, levels that are perceived as very loud and considered as harmful to one’s wellbeing in the case of prolonged exposure. Road traffic is the major source of urban noise pollution, which large cities and citizens around the world seek to tackle.

The set-up of roads, enforced speed limits and the types of vehicles with access are key factors to consider in traffic flow management.

Our SONAL™ acoustic data technology provides a detailed understanding of the characteristics of traffic flow and of psychoacoustic annoyance. It can allow to test remediation measures such as noise awareness slogans and warnings.

Data and insights captured in real-time are presented in user-friendly dashboards, which can be used as visual supports in environmental noise management.

Traffic noise pollution

Regulation to control noise pollution at source such as limit decibel values for engines on motor vehicles are not always enough. Modified or non-compliant exhaust systems, abrupt acceleration or using Sports Mode on some vehicles can be the cause of exceptional, yet highly-disturbing noise in cities.

SONAL™ helps you understand and reduce road traffic nuisances by monitoring noise levels in real time. The solution offers educational and law enforcement benefits.

The data can be used to raise awareness in drivers with the trigger of information messages on the road. SONAL™ can also support the prevention and control of contravening vehicles through sound-activated enforcement systems placed on the streets and roads.

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