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Securaxis is a Swiss start up founded in 2015 leveraging new technologies to build security and safety solutions to make the world safer while preserving privacy. Its cofounders are specialists in security, information and information technology, with an extensive experience of working in hostile environment.


After the development of  safety tools for travelers, Securaxis brings a whole new dimension to safety and security with its smart acoustic sensors for analysis, reporting and localization of sound in any kind of environment.

Securaxis is the first incubated of BIC of CERN Technologies Switzerland, laureate of the Entreprendre® Network 2017, Generation Entrepreneur® 2017, invited to MassChallenge 2017, and was finalist of the Swisscom Start up Challenge 2017.

With the understanding that security is a concern for everyone, not only professional travelers, Securaxis has designed tools that helps manage each and everyone’s safety while preserving privacy.

Securaxis Team

glenn meleder

Glenn Meleder


MSc Information Systems Management. Business technology specialist with 11 years experience in the humanitarian aid sector, he has worked in several conflict areas. Passionate about bridging technology and people.

gaetan vannay

Gaetan Vannay


More than 17 years of reporting as a war journalist and foreign affairs & geopolitics analyst. Advisor in strategic communication and human security, in particular for the security sector.

lorin voutat

Lorin Voutat

Admin & Partner

Co-founder of a dozen start-ups in the field of new technologies. he obtained in 2006 the Stratégis prize for his company ilion Security SA. Currently a board member of several start-ups.

anthony gasperin

Anthony Gasperin

Lead developer

With 8 years experience in research and development and a Ph.D in computer science, Anthony has worked as a researcher and developer on big European research projects such as ACCENT and HobNet.Passionate about security and software, he has experience and knowledge in pentesting.Passionné par la sécurité et les logiciels.

Yoann Meynet

Mobile lead developer

Johann holds a professional license in mobile computing development, and has a 5-year experience in mobile development for iOS and Android, including geolocation projects. He has accompanied Securaxis since the development of the first prototype in 2015.

Dimitri Filippov

Dimitri Filippov

Mobile developer

With more than 10 years’ experience as a professional software developer, Dimitri has worked for substantially-sized international experiments such as CERN and AMS for many years where he gained significant global experience. He is passionate about Mobile and Backend development.

Securaxis Advisory Board

Stassi Anastasov


Former President/CEO of Global Duracell, Stassi Anastassov is a Senior Advisor at CDH Investments, one of the largest alternative asset management institutions focused on China.

Andrej Podvrsic

Business Security

Andrej Podvrsic is currently Chief Security Officer at The Chemours Company.
He is an active member of ISMA (International Security Management Association) and of the EICSM (European Institute of Corporate Security Managament).

Maarten Merkelbach

Maarten Merkelbach

Duty of Care & ISO 31000

Maarten Merkelbach is a renowed consultant in Security risk management & ISO 31000 and legal liability/duty of care, working today for various companies, organizations and governments.

Robin Coupland

Robin Coupland

Security & Vulnerability

Robin Coupland was formerly a field surgeon for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). He is now Medical Adviser with respect to the impact of weapons and violence.

Ione Ramel

Ione Ramel

Security & Safety

Ione has 12 years’ experiences at a world leading humanitarian organization as Security and Crisis Management Advisor, Directorate of Operations.

Securaxis Advisory Board

Stassi Anastasov


Ancien PDG de Global Duracell, Stassi Anastassov est conseiller principal chez CDH Investments, l'une des plus grandes institutions de gestion d'actifs alternatifs axée sur la Chine.

Andrej Podvrsic

Business Security

Andrej Podvrsic est actuellement chef sécurité - Chief Security Officer - chez The Chemours Company. Andrej Podvrsic est un membre actif de l'ISMA (International Security Management Association) et de l'EICSM (European Institute of Corporate Security Managament).

Maarten Merkelbach

Maarten Merkelbach

Duty of Care et ISO 31000

Maarten Merkelbach est un consultant reconnu en Security risk management & ISO 31000 et en matière de responsabilité légale & duty of care. Il travaille aujourd'hui pour diverses entreprises, organisations et pour des gouvernements.

Robin Coupland

Robin Coupland

sécurité humaine

Ancien chirurgien de terrain pour le Comité international de la Croix-Rouge (CICR), Robin Coupland est maintenant conseiller médical en ce qui concerne l'impact des armes et de la violence.

Ione Ramel

Ione Ramel


12 ans d'expérience en tant que conseiller en sécurité et en gestion de crise pour la Direction des opérations d'une organisation humanitaire de premier plan.

Switzerland/Europe (HQ)

CP 23        1211 Geneva 12

+41 78 867 8370       +41 79 777 0341


+1 347.527.6269

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