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Securaxis is a Swiss start up founded in 2015 leveraging new technologies to build security and safety solutions to make the world a safer place. Its cofounders are specialists in security, information processing and information technology.


After the development of  safety tools for travelers, Securaxis brings a whole new dimension to safety and security with its smart acoustic sensors for analysis, reporting and localization of sound in any kind of environment.

Securaxis is the first incubated of BIC of CERN Technologies Switzerland, laureate of the Entreprendre® Network 2017, Generation Entrepreneur® 2017, invited to MassChallenge 2017, and was finalist of the Swisscom Start up Challenge 2017.

With the understanding that security is a concern for everyone, not only professional travelers, Securaxis has designed tools that helps manage each and everyone’s safety while preserving privacy.

Securaxis Team

glenn meleder

Glenn Meleder

gaetan vannay

Gaetan Vannay

lorin voutat

Lorin Voutat

Admin & Partner
Julien Ricard

Julien Ricard


data scientist

Dimitri Filippov

Dimitri Filippov

Full stack developer

Valentin Sagot

Valentin Sagot

Product manager

Vincent Miserette copie 2

Vincent Meserette

software developer
real time audio and signal processing

Stassi Anastassov

Investor & Advisor

Robin Coupland

Robin Coupland

Risk management advisor

Switzerland/Europe (HQ)

CP 23        1211 Geneva 12

+41 78 867 8370       +41 79 777 0341


+1 347.527.6269

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