Securaxis is integrated into a project for a traffic visualization platform being developed by the Canton of Fribourg.

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From “smart city” to “smart territory” … The “smart network” that will manage traffic in the Swiss cities of Fribourg and Bulle will integrate Securaxis’s sound analytics technology.

The canton of Fribourg is launching a project for a traffic visualization platform in the cities of Fribourg and Bulle. “The objective is to help these two cities that are both facing a significant demographic increase, to solve their problems of road traffic, noise and air quality” explained project manager Jacques Robadey to the Fribourg daily newspaper La Liberté. An intelligent network of sensors covering the two cities will gather relevant data pertaining to traffic, noise and air quality. Other data could be collected if required. 

A Canton-wide “smart territory”?

Working first with the two urban centers of Fribourg and Bulle and then considering deployment “to the whole canton” – as mentioned by Jacques Robadey – positions this project in a vision that is broader than that of the “smart city.” (A smart city uses communication and information technologies to become more efficient, improve the quality of life for its inhabitants, and reduce its operating costs.) This opens up the concept of a “smart territory.”

The use of digital technology and data to improve the quality of life for residents does not have to stop at the outer limits of a city. The new technologies allow precisely for a widening of the concept and so incorporate the smallest localities in a coherent whole. Urban solutions cannot simply be implemented in non-urban territories, hence the importance of having a broader view from the very beginning of such a project. This is exemplified by this project for a traffic visualization platform. It is obvious that traffic and pollution, for example, do not stop at the edge of a city. It is fortunate that Swiss cities are small; this forces us to think in terms of “smart territory” rather than smart city.

Securaxis is delighted to be part of this ambitious regional project alongside the public institutions involved: 3 HEIA-FR institutes (ISIS, Energy, Icosys), and 5 other private companies (Softcom, Franic Technologies, Wifx, Group E Connect, Gruyère Energie).